The American Shales

Praise for The American Shales

“I just finished reading and editing the manuscript and it is an excellent read. I thoroughly enjoyed it. You did a fantastic job. This is an excellent written account of how things went down...I thoroughly enjoyed walking through the history of the shales by the way of the pages of your manuscript.”
      —Dan Steward, author, The Barnett Shale Play: Phoenix of the Fort Worth Basin, A History, and 
         vice president, Midcontinent-region exploration, Mitchell Energy & Development Corp.

“I have completed my review and I am fascinated by your approach. The timeline of what was going on at the same time is a great perspective. I have to congratulate you on a tremendous book. The amount of research seems staggering to me but, more importantly, complete. I feel comfortable with the Bakken play and the way you have documented it is accurate. This also gives me confidence the other plays, which I did not know intimately, are accurate as well. It was great learning about them. I did not realize all the different things going on in the shale plays at the same time.
“I think you have achieved a great documentation of the shale plays and my greatest desire to see that credit goes to the many people involved in the Bakken-team effort. I am also pleased that it is obvious that all the plays were the result of team efforts and collaborative thinking. 
“I look forward to reading the (published) book and it will always be a part of my memorabilia and treasures.”
   —Dick Findley, geologist, discoverer of the modern Bakken play and 
  chairman, American Eagle Energy Corp.

“I think you have captured a very, very important part of the history of our industry and I commend you on a job well done. It is organized in a way that is logical and easy to read and understand. I am looking forward to having copies of the book for my own library and to give to friends and family. Well done!”
   —Dr. Bobby B. Lyle, founder and chairman of Lyco Holdings Inc. and 
     instrumental in initiating the modern Bakken play

“I so enjoyed your book. I found it very interesting to finally have a chronological story line of this amazing paradigm shift in an industry that seemed to be stuck. I feel fortunate to have been able to stand on the shoulders of these great innovators as we and others applied so much of this shale technology to conventional, carbonate reservoirs like the Mississippian Trend. It wouldn’t have happened without these folks.
“I think this should be required reading in every energy program in any educational institution that has one. I know I will read this again when it comes out and plan on distributing a copy to every employee. It is a marvelous tool to get someone up to speed on the state of this industry, i.e. ‘How did we get here?’
“This is an important piece of work for an industry that I love.”
  —Steve Antry, co-leader of the Mississippian Lime play and 
     chairman and chief executive officer, Eagle Energy Exploration LLC

“Congratulations on your book! I found it to be very thorough and well researched, and I was quite interested in the subject matter. You got some great interviews and access to the key players. I thought you developed the themes very well and, at the same time, made the technical material accessible.”
            —Peggy Williams, geologist and editorial director, Hart Energy

"The research is excellent. I truly enjoyed the writing. The book will become the treatise on the evolution of the shale plays in North America!"
 —Jerry Eumont, managing director, upstream consulting, IHS Inc.

"A fine -- comprehensive and thorough -- treatise on the most interesting period of petroleum development in the U.S. that I have encountered in my career."
            —Art Smith, retired chairman and chief executive officer, John S. Herold Inc.;   author,
Something from Nothing: Joe B. Foster and the People Who Built Newfield Exploration Company;          and president, Triple Double Advisors LLC

For the book, please click The American Shales.

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